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通过避开出租车-SAVE你的钱,而是利用玛塔,城市的公共交通系统。MARTA铁路在主要车站像桃树中心,城,艺术中心将游客往返机场与车站不到30分钟。A ride on MARTA will cost a fraction of what it would if taking a cab.虽然有一定的邻里MARTA轨不服务,对于大多数游客来说,这确实打出了“亮点”(如百年奥林匹克公园,乔治亚水族馆,可口可乐世界)。如果您打算不止一次骑它,绝对投资微风卡。You can get everything from unlimited day passes (1-4 days) or even specific number of trip passes. I found the rail cars to be extremely clean and MARTA staff was always pleasant and helpful. For reference, a single trip costs $2.50 while a 3 day pass (unlimited number of rides) costs $16.

- 如果我可以选择,我总是愿意坐火车(地铁,高架火车)公交车。我知道有一些人究竟是谁喜欢公交车多,即事实上,他们就像是街道,准确地看到他们要去哪里。对于我来说,在神经一个新的城市令人头约客车的事情是,公交车,火车不同,根本不会让浑身解数,如果有人要么没有要求下车,或者没有一个新的等待上车。需要在准确停止下车时,这可能会非常棘手。但是,回到亚特兰大总线。我已经习惯了公交车站的迹象,列出了停在那里(是这样的匹兹堡,费城,芝加哥)的路由。在亚特兰大,有公交车站的迹象,但没有实际的路线号上市。Seeing as how bus routes can change/stops can be discontinued, I found this a bit “unhelpful” as a visitor since you can’t always entirely rely on the fact that Bus #2 will indeed be stopping at the intersection of X and Y streets.这样做的原因的一点是,当我们去Martin Luther King birthplace area,我们打算坐公共汽车到奥克兰杰姆etery as it was relatively near and the bus stop was only a few blocks away. We discovered that we would have had to wait for almost 30 minutes for the next bus. We decided to skip the cemetery and instead try to take a bus back to our hotel. We didn’t like the fact that none of the signs were listing actual bus routes and in the entire time we were walking around the King birthplace area (over an hour), we never once saw a bus (even one didn’t want to take). Coming from a major city, it was odd to not see one single bus in all that time. Not to mention, it wasn’t as if we were in some remote, random area. It was crawling with tourists. We ended up calling a cab to take us back for no other reason than fearing we’d be stuck in this area for a lot longer than we wanted to be. The King birthplace area is unfortunately one section that MARTA trains don’t go anywhere near. The city is currently constructing a trolley line that will actually go right near it from the downtown, but when we were there it wasn’t operating yet.如果你确实需要坐公交,只得到特定使用者和当前的信息在你的酒店。


-Take advantage of the city’s free attractions, most notably the Martin Luther King historic area (the graves of him and his wife, his childhood home, the National Park Service Visitor’s Center),Oakland Cemetery奥林匹克百年纪念公园。While two are old and the other new, all are replete with history and greatly connected to the city. So, when you tire of spending more than $15 a person on visits to the Georgia Aquarium and CNN Studio Tower, remember these three places.

-While Atlanta is often called the “New South,” a city of modern skyscrapers filled with transplants from all across the country, it hasn’t betrayed its roots, at least from a culinary standpoint. Some of the best traditional Southern food can be found right here in the “New York of the South.” You can’t go wrong with dining atMary Mac’s Tearoom, a staple in the city’s Midtown neighborhood for more than 50 years, and serving nothing but incredible home cooked classics at wallet friendly prices.

- 如果你决定看勇士队的比赛又不想支付出租车或自己开车,你可以乘坐MARTA勇敢班车运的五点站和特纳球场之间的乘客在比赛日。如果你已经有了一个微风传给你可以使用;否则到达那里花费相同的总线或火车上正常行驶。

While brief, I really did enjoy my time in Atlanta and look forward to returning in the future to try out more of its restaurants and catch the sights I missed the first time around.






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    I stopped through Atlanta on a road trip I did a while ago, and it was one city I really wanted to return to. This post was a reminder to plan a trip there!
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