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作为历史的书呆子,我,自然端口游览I signed up for in牙买加涉及历史。我能访问前解放军ntation house and its grounds that dated back to the 18th century when Jamaica was an English colony. The estate was perched high up in the mountains (it took some incredibly windy and bumpy roads to reach it) and offered gorgeous views of the valley below. But my favorite photo from my visit to Good Hope was actually of a detached outbuilding (fun fact-the building served as the honeymoon suite back when the plantation operated as a boutique hotel in the 1930s and ’40s). I loved the pairing of this small, unassuming building that had seen and weathered so much (hurricanes, change of owners, transition from colony to independent nation) next to the creeping palm tree and of course the magnificent picture perfect blue sky.

The Best in Photos-2016


查尔斯顿是我所拍摄的最漂亮的地方之一,所以自然有照片摆从(即选择,我可以很容易地有我的照片中的最佳2016年完全的查尔斯顿). Instead of featuring the more well-known sites (i.e. Rainbow Row and other famous historical landmarks in the city), I selected a random street in the city’s historic district, one that showcases its two most beloved features, its well-preserved historical architecture and its window boxes that fortunately for me were brimming with flowers in early April. Street photography scenes are something I have tried to work on (and continue to do so) but I really am quite pleased with how this particular image turned out.

The Best in Photos-2016

Ship in Elliott Bay at dusk (Seattle, Washington)


The Best in Photos-2016


玛丽亚广场是慕尼黑main square (dating from 1158 if you can imagine) and naturally on agorgeous September day它与游客和当地人团团围住。虽然我大概花了近两打的照片在这里引人注目的建筑细节之间,认为花朵经爆破所有,当然还有著名的钟琴(钟上一个节目放几次全天),它是这个,这是我的喜爱。我总是试图寻找更独特角度的照片,所以我爱我如何能在一个倾斜的角度捕捉的Neues市政厅(新市政厅)与圣母玛利亚的雕像一起。

The Best in Photos-2016

Street in Prague’s Malá Strana (Prague, Czech Republic)

One of my favorite places I visited inPrague是在小城附近顶上圣尼古拉斯教堂塔楼。它提供了城市的美妙景色,但最好的部分是它几乎空无一人。虽然下面的照片不包括任何城市的著名地标(即Prague Castle,查理大桥),对我来说这体现了一种永恒的Prague。I love how the view looking down on this particular street could just have easily been captured in the early 20th century. And the cherry on top was definitely being able to capture a moving tram since there’s nothing modern about them looks-wise (this is a good thing).

The Best in Photos-2016

Adventuring lizard at Cayman Turtle Centre (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

自从我第一次访问墨西哥坎昆和遇到蜥蜴漫游我住在度假村的场地内的一个巨大的群体,我一直在温和地通过这种爬行动物非常着迷。在一个蓬勃发展的蜥蜴种群而言,开曼海龟中心在开曼群岛did not disappoint. I love how they are oblivious and clearly unafraid of humans; they just go about their lizard business as lizards do. I captured this particular fella before he scurried up the rest of this MASSIVE palm tree, no easy feat because lizards move ridiculously fast. And even though the colors on the lizard look “touched,” this photo is unedited. Lizard colors are just that cool.

The Best in Photos-2016


虽然我听说过的花园玉兰Plantationwere lovely, I had no idea just how lovely and more importantly, how utterly massive they were. Although there was a great deal to photograph and take in, it was the covered bridge that captured my heart the most because it reminded me so much of Monet’s Giverny. I’ve never been to Monet’s famous house and gardens but I’ve seen enough photographs and of course his paintings to see that玉兰看起来完全像他们一样。我不由得想到这是在美国南部的心脏诺曼底乡村右一点点。而事实上我在我的照片桥的反映是一个额外的好处。

The Best in Photos-2016


I said before that so much of慕尼黑提醒me of my beloved Seville and this particular courtyard scene is a prime reason why. I passed by this street while on my第三帝国步行游览也就只有经过我们完了并步行回皇家啤酒屋吃午饭,我真的以为拍摄它。我喜欢门的玄关内有两个圆形门道图片框架内的。我喜欢拍照在任何一个城市的著名景点,但有时它只是随机,没有名字的建筑物和意见,使图像变的更坚强。

The Best in Photos-2016


I had something of a love/hate relationship with the famous查理大桥,也就是因为我已经听到和读到,它总是团团围住。因此,我从来没有能够捕捉到一个人少的桥梁。我第一次走进来了,太阳落山,它提供了恰到好处舞台上的灯光。虽然它可能看起来好像我的照片“没出来,”我只是喜欢怎样桥的雕像之一(还有他们在整个长度的转换)和圣维特大教堂在Prague Castle在剪影的形式被完全照射。我不能要求一个更惊人的照片。

The Best in Photos-2016


I don’t take many nighttime photographs because I don’t feel I’m too good at it but it’s definitely a skill I would like to improve upon in future photographic endeavors. Thankfully, the holiday lights atPittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatorymade it easy to capture some lovely outdoor evening scenes. The last time I visited Phipps at Christmastime was back in 2009 so a return last month was long overdue. And the added surprise was being able to walk through its outdoor holiday lights selection, which didn’t exist in 2009. There’s nothing more festive than holiday lights and I simply love how the photo turned out since artificial lights often tend to be blurry.

The Best in Photos-2016



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