Cozumel Chef Food Tours

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

Where Mexico is concerned, I’m no novice. Sure, there are many states I still dream about visiting (Puebla,瓦哈卡,Chipas),但我在他们两个(莫雷洛斯州和克雷塔罗)住了一段时间,知道有这么多的墨西哥菜比在美国的机构上的菜单可以发现。因此我是“温和的”我害怕cruisestop in Cozumel because I didn’t want the “gringo experience” while there (i.e. being surrounded by scores of other non-Spanish speaking travelers whose idea of an authentic Mexican dining involves going to Señor Frog’s for a huge margarita and some chips and salsa). I’ve生活和旅行in the真正的墨西哥and while Cozumel was new to me, the Mexican culture was not.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

所以,我怎么最终会做我一天的科苏梅尔?我去了一个food tourdeep into its local heart and soul.

Cozumel Chef is the brainchild of Emily, former engineer turned classically trained French chef (and did I mention she’s an American?). Through her company, food tours are offered on the island of Cozumel, led by Jerry, a native Mexican (by way of Mexico City).

我们最终在一个大型会议(墨西哥版的Walmart) and were immediately led to our chariot (or taxi cab which we used for the duration of the tour). This was my second food tour ever where we didn’t walk, instead using wheels to transport us from site to site which did allow for more ground to be covered.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

As luck would have it and and as Jerry joked to us upon meeting, we had a “VIP tour,” as we were the only two that signed up for that day. It was truly awesome since it allowed for an intimate tour, not to mention I could really practice my Spanish.

Upon exiting the MEGA parking lot, Jerry told us that within a couple of blocks we would be leaving behind the tourist scene and delving deep into the heart of the “real Cozumel,” one that obviously doesn’t feature Mexican restaurants for the tourist palette and stores selling the ubiquitous Cozumel souvenir junk.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

If you’ve never been to Latin America before, when you see the “real deal,” yes, it can be a bit jarring but you’re in Mexico, a developing nation. So please don’t be insensitive like a table mate on our cruise who used the word “slum” to describe the scenery.

We visited a total of four eateries along with a couple of other stops for some cultural lessons as well as an on the spot fresh tortilla. The tortilla maker had literally just made them. They were delicious.


Here’s a recap of all the places we stopped at in order:

Antojitos Doña Pili

开始时,我们尝试了两种真正的墨西哥项目 - nopales(catcus)和美味,huitcaloche在我们的第一站(即玉米真菌)的真实笔记游览。我吃了一次nopales之前,但这是我第一次尝试huitcaloche。这是那只要你不知道它是什么的一件事情,还真是好吃。只是不要谷歌它,看看它的照片。但我喜欢的油炸玉米饼充满了比标准的鸡肉,奶酪,洋葱等食品中的事实。


Jerry also gave us three drinks to try-a type of lemonade, horchata (a rice flavored drink that I adore), and agua de jamaica (hibiscus drink).

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

Taqueria Maya

在我们的第二站,我们试图玉米饼德conchinita pibil,正宗的食物从尤卡坦半岛,目前在我们墨西哥的状态。这道菜通常与乳猪,然后在胭脂膏涂擦,在酸橙汁腌制一夜完成的,包裹在香蕉叶和一个竖穴土坑被称为熟PIB。这些玉米饼是所有的多汁的果汁,但绝对美味令人难以置信的凌乱所致。

Cozumel Chef Food Tours


Las Flamitas

好了,所以我们也遇到一些外国佬while we were here but as this was yet another authentic spot, clearly they had good culinary taste.

Here we had traditionalMexican favorites, chips and salsa, although this was an incredibly spicy salsa that Jerry warned us about. I didn’t attempt but D did and he definitely got some pink skin and a sweaty complexion shortly after. I stuck with the tastyfrijoles.

We also tried a bowl of another Yucatan favorite-sopa de lima.The acidity of the lime in the hot broth provided an unexpected but terrific taste explosion. It’s also topped with fried tortilla strips which is never a bad thing either.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

And per Jerry’s advice, we both gotSidral Mundet(apple cider) to drink. This was delicious and so entirely un-Mexican, I felt.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

El Sazón de Camaron

At our penultimate spot, we had shrimp tacos (we were on an island after all) although with Jerry’s mild cajoling, D had a second of poblano peppers and onions. I’m not the biggest fan of shrimp but with the way they were fried and nestled in the always comforting tasting corn tortilla, I did enjoy them, even though I was about to burst by then.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

Kaokao Chocolate Factory


虽然小,Kaokao巧克力工厂运行fairly sizable operation on the island. We didn’t have time for a tour (these are 60 minutes in length offered at various times throughout the day), although a worker there did give us a brief introduction to the factory and we were able to sample half a dozen different chocolates including some truly unique ones like cactus and chile pepper. My favorites though were the more traditional ones, dark chocolate and coconut.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

There’s a lovely shop to purchase a variety of chocolates from as well as things like chocolate flavored teas and coffee and even chocolate skin care products, not at all the same mediocre junky souvenirs.


我不能强调不够精彩时刻都d,我怎么绝对了。Although we’re food tour veterans, this was the first one I had ever done in Mexico which made it all the more special since the country has always had a special place in my heart and I truly adore Mexican cuisine (even if some of it is too hot for my taste buds).

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

We went on two organized cruise excursions in our other ports of call and they didn’t hold a candle to our food tour in Cozumel. These excursions often lack authenticity since you’re in a port for such a short period of time. That’s why it’s all the more important to search out those authentic experiences when you can.

Cozumel Chef Food Tours

美食之旅与科苏梅尔厨师是打击有组织/过高邮轮港冒险和一个你绝对崇拜。我承诺。和杰里,那么,他只是墨西哥cerezaon top-a mil gracias.

betway必威体育首页红为首的旅行者’s note-


Disclosure-I was given a complimentary tour in exchange for my review but as always all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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Cozumel Chef Food Tours




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