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    The Highs and Lows of 3.5 Weeks in Southeast Asia


    I’ll preface this by saying I’m not going to talk about the “C” word in this post since as we all know it’s the gargantuan elephant in the room that we can’t escape due to the proliferation of 21st century technology. But I’m going to try to temporarily forget it and rather, talk about the almost month I spent in Southeast Asia in February and March of this year, mere weeks before the world imploded.…

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  • Hyatt-Clearwater-Beach

    2019 Year in Review

    For me personally, 2019 was such an epic year of travel. It was also a wonderful reminder on how truly lucky I am to be able to go all the places…

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    My letter to the world

    Mere weeks after turning 16, I flew to Mexico City, alone, which is where my exchange program officially started. For three weeks I lived with a host family in the colonial…

  • An Ode to Anthony Bourdain

    An Ode to Anthony Bourdain

    He was brash, he cursed on air, he told it like it was. He strayed from the beaten path, preferring instead to highlight and essentially promote those lesser known destinations (i.e.…