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    Banyan Tree Mayakoba Review


    Each year travel magazines like Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler release a "best of the best" list comprising everything from the best destinations, hotels, spas, airlines, cruises, etc. And each year (or so it seems) the Banyan Tree Mayakoba seems to make such lists. A luxury resort located in Mexico's Riviera Maya region, it's one I had longed to stay at since let's face it, a weekend trip to the Maldives or the Seychelles isn't too feasible.…

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    Eresin Hotel Sultanahmet Review

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  • Kimpton Aertson Hotel Review
    Hotel ReviewsUSA

    Kimpton Aertson Hotel Review

    While there's no shortage of hotels in Nashville, I wanted the hotel where my mom and I stayed for our second girls' trip to be special and unique, comparable…

  • 71 Nyhavn Hotel Review
    DenmarkHotel Reviews

    71 Nyhavn Hotel Review

    Even though my first trip to Copenhagen had been more than years ago and I was only there for a night, I knew that whenever I made it back, I'd want…