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    10Books You Should Read in 2020


    As my "10 Books You Should Read in 2019" was a popular post, I thought I would do the same for 2020 especially since, well, there's not a whole lot to be doing these days but reading. All of the books I've featured are on the newer side and available in digital format, so hopefully your local library has them available to borrow through either the Libby or Overdrive apps. Even better, perhaps your local independent bookstore has an…


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    After I published my collection of short stories in 2014, naturally the next order of business in my head was, “what can I write about next?” And the first thought that…

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    10Books You Should Read in 2019

    I've fallen off the wagon where my reading roundup posts are concerned, but because I read too many good books not to talk about them, I thought a general "read these…

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  • 阅读综述#15
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    As I mentioned in this post from last year, after my cruise to Alaska, and specifically visiting Canada's majestic Yukon Territory, I had immense interest in reading Howard Blum's work, The…