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While I don’t have kids, I have been around plenty of little people over the years not to mention I of course was one myself, and so I think these five things would get (most) kids interested in the wonderful institution that is travel. I’ve been traveling since I was a kid and became mildly obsessed with it once I turned double digits. There are so many things parents can give to their children, educate them on, open their eyes to, and yet I feel that travel is all of those things and more-it lets children see and experience diversity firsthand, it lets them try new things whether it’s a food or words in a new language, and it opens their eyes to the fact that there’s another whole world out there.


有无数的儿童书籍,真正的运输读者在那里它们被设定的目的地。Madeline, Eloise,Olivia-这些都是一些比较知名的和心爱的儿童文学人物,那些谁已经在世界各地游历。然后还有一些鲜为人知的头衔,但仍然同样值得全1此Linnea在莫奈的花园,丁丁(这是少为人知的美国观众阅读,显然丁丁颇为流行在欧洲),刘天妮三金钥匙Set in locations ranging from New York City to Venice to Prague, both the stories and gorgeous illustrations will easily captivate and transport readers to these destinations and perhaps even inspire them to ask mom and dad one day, “Hey, can we go to Monet’s house?”

Olivia Goes to Venice

旅游“国际” ......国内

对于许多家庭来说,到欧洲或者其他遥远的大陆之行是不是在卡。但是,这并不意味着没有内行驶距离主场一吨的迷人和文化丰富的目的地。betway 西汉姆显然,各大城市都有重要借鉴了他们自己的(改变食物的选择,表演艺术,博物馆),但我说的是有梦幻般的种族和文化意义的城市。纽约和旧金山的唐人街被认为是一些中国最好的外(他们这样身临其境,你会觉得你是在中国)。迈阿密是所有的东西拉丁美洲(在一些居民区的街道上看到的都是英语,西班牙语和海地克里奥尔语)的信标。而且一个并不需要到外国旅行,看看古遗址的第一手资料,也有像科罗拉多州,亚利桑那州和新墨西哥州西方国家无数的美洲原住民遗址。没有护照或昂贵的国际机票需要。


Make history come alive

History needn’t be considered boring or dry when you can actually see places of historical significance that you read about in books firsthand. Nothing was cooler than visiting Colonial Williamsburg, home to one of my favorite literary characters from childhood, Felicity Merriman, an American Girl. For the slightly older readers, theDear America书没有引进年轻的读者在美国历史上无数的事件了伟大的工作,也许那些学校没有教过一样多(在纽约三角内衣工厂火灾,磨女孩在新英格兰,大铁路赛)。而对于年轻的男孩,一个只需要无论是从革命战争或内战参观战场并解释说,小男孩就像自己是正确的那里,无论是作为谁谎报自己的年龄,争取或鼓手男孩士兵。战争可悲的是从来没有单独一个“长大”的事情。



Encourage your teen to go abroad

无论是通过班级旅行或short-term study abroad program,鼓励你的孩子(暂时)离开自己的泡沫,看到的是还有什么在那里。没有理由的学生需要等到国外大学学习国际旅行。显然,家庭度假是伟大的,但这样是有没有的妈妈和爸爸是那里的安全网,你的孩子旅行的地方。拥有自己的舒适区的孩子一步之外只会让他们更自信,更独立,更全球意识。并不是所有的青少年都足够成熟来处理这样的经验,但对于那些谁,鼓励它。




One of my favorite things to do is eat, but more importantly, eat ethnic food. Ethnic communities are sprouting up all over the country now, not just in major cities, so even if you don’t live near a major metropolitan area, odds are there is probably some ethnic cuisine eatery somewhat nearby. There’s nothing more impressive than a small child who knows how to correctly pronounce the ubiquitous越南汤河粉或者想要第二份肉菜饭。你可以学习so much about a country from its food and while I’m not saying pass on the pizza and burgers, broaden your child’s culinary palate too (and perhaps yours at the same time). And contrary to popular and incorrect belief, ethnic food does not automatically mean it’s spicy.


Ceviche and empanadas in Miami




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