与往常一样,我的阅读趣味跑从历史小说历史的非虚构的色域主流小说。我承认,在过去的一年我读a lotof historical fiction about World War II but you’ll notice the three books I included here, obviously all excellent, took place in different locales since every World War II story is different.

And last but not least, a totally shameless self-promotion for my own book,The Tears of Yesteryear如果你没有看过(还),它是历史小说集对宅基钢铁厂的大背景下的20世纪初,匹兹堡(美国)的作品。如果你想读它的一些评论,检查出来的betway必威体育appGoodreads。而最重要的是,如果你想订购和帮助支持我自己的创造性的努力,你可以在得到它在亚马逊任Kindle format(记住,如果你没有一个Kindle的设备,但确实有一个iPad,你可以通过App Store下载的Kindle iPad应用免费)或平装格式



在我的时候,我正在读Chiaverini的史诗巨著(这是近700页!)Berlin, Germany在......的最后去年and what a book to be swept up by when “on location“。对于许多人来说,大屠杀,希特勒和他的纳粹时期的事件都严格依赖于多年的第二次世界大战,1939-1945的。然而,对于德国人来说,那个时期的噩梦和恐惧开始几年前,甚至在希特勒在1933年三月份获得动力电阻女性Chiaverini tells the story of many real-life figures (mainly Germans, although one woman was an American who moved to Germany in the 1920s with her German husband and it became her adopted homeland) who witnessed the birth and rise of Hitler and the Nazis and ultimately chose to fight against this hellish regime through acts of resistance.

One hears so much about either the complacency or straight out feverish support of the Nazis by the German people during World War II. And yet, Chiaverini dispels those beliefs by showcasing countless heroic figures, many of whom did not survive to see the demise of Hitler and the Nazis. When I visited theTopography of Terror,我吃惊地看到米尔德里德·哈纳克和丈夫的画像(当时,我不知道这两个是真实的人)在著名的展览有“红色管弦乐队”。


Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland帕特里克Radden基夫


I admit, I knew next to nothing about Northern Ireland’s troubles save for the universal knowledge that the Catholics there want British home rule to end, and the Protestants want to remain part of Great Britain, and of course, for decades the two religious factions have hated each other. I do remember as a kid, reading about the famous Easter peace talks in 1998 known as the Good Friday Agreement, that President Clinton of the United States helped to broker, which effectively ended decades of violence between the two sides. But that’s about it.

SoSay Nothingprovides the reader with an excellent background on “the Troubles” set against the backdrop of one of the many unsolved murders that took place during this time, the killing of a mother of ten children who was abducted from her Belfast home and never seen again. People knew the IRA (Irish Republican Army) was responsible but no one ever spoke up, no one ever did the right thing by her orphaned children to say what they knew because for the entire time the Troubles were occurring, people worshiped to fear and paranoia. This book will leave you disturbed and heartbroken on many levels to know about the truly heinous acts people can commit against their own fellow citizens.


The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripperby Hallie Rubenhold


在我参观伦敦去年6月,我住在东区并且还做了开膛手杰克步行游览一个晚上,所以我有点所有的东西跟着我回东区历史 - 相关痴迷。我只想说,我真的爱这本书。我知道这听起来奇怪谈论那个臭名昭著的连环杀手时使用的爱字,但我爱的是Rubenhold终于给了一个声音对开膛手的五(知)的受害者。他们不再只是名涉嫌卖淫或谁抛弃自己的孩子被遗弃的母亲。你了解他们的前残忍地杀害尸体上东区的街道上被人发现他们的生活,并把他们带到那里的情况,其中许多是悲惨和不安。而这个真正喜欢读小说。

The Five-jack-the-ripper



通常我不是历史小说书籍,配备了现代化的故事情节,但在风扇这个事情我们不能说Rimmer makes it work. She tells the story of Alina, a young woman trying to survive during World War II in Poland, and then also featuring Alina as an elderly woman in Florida through the story of her granddaughter Alice. Their stories finally intersect when Alice travels to Poland for her dying grandmother’s last wishes and uncovers the many things Alina could never tell her family.


该-事情,我们可以 - 不说

嫁不出去by Soniah Kamal


For a lighthearted, quick and easy read,嫁不出去是吗。这是复述傲慢与偏见only it’s set in modern-day Pakistan and lets you see just how class-obsessed Pakistani society is. Anyone who loves the story of傲慢与偏见将为此而感到高兴,我特别喜欢了解巴基斯坦的文化元素。




我从来没有听说过铜矿之国的女子之前,但我喜欢的书early 20th century immigrant experiences,我决定给它一个旋转。在公司中设置pper-mining town of Calumet, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and tells the story of the famous strike against the largest copper mining company in the world led by America’s Joan of Arc, Annie Clements, a woman who came to America as a child from Slovenia. No matter the locale or the industry they worked in (steel, copper, coal), the plight of the immigrant workers and their families in the United States was unimaginable, especially when you learn just how expendable the “bosses” considered them to be.


沉默的誓言by Flora J. Solomon


Ever since I saw the 1997 filmParadise Roadwhich was loosely based on the experiences of British, Australian, and Dutch women and children POWS of the Japanese on the Indonesian island of Sumatra during World War II, I’ve always been interested in this side of World War II history, especially since there isn’t a ton of literature about it.沉默的誓言讲述了一个年轻的美国护士谁加入军队护士兵团并很高兴能参与在国外的分配信息发送到东方,菲律宾马尼拉的珍珠的故事。那里的生活是相当美艳,直到马尼拉和该国摔在日军的休息,她和她的护士成为生活在可怕的条件战俘。

One of the things I liked most about it was that Solomon didn’t end the book when the POWs were freed, as if everything’s great now, all is well. No, she shows how the POWs struggled with the nightmares of their experiences for many years after, survivor’s guilt as to why they survived when their friends didn’t. I found this to be a much more realistic portrayal.


成为刘易斯夫人:海伦·乔依·戴维德曼和C·S·刘易斯的不可能的爱情故事by Patti Callahan



I became a bit more interested in Lewis following my一日游牛津从伦敦,去年餐饮的著名的鹰和儿童的酒吧,和成为刘易斯夫人奇妙填补知识空白。Davidman所有帐户是一个真正的辉煌和非凡的女人在她自己的权利,这个数字非常低估。


D-Day Girls:间谍谁武装抵抗,破坏了纳粹,打响二战by Sarah Rose


很多时候,普通公民的英勇行为背后的故事永远不会知道,这是肯定的情况下,三二战的女英雄,直到罗斯告诉他们在d-日女孩的故事。Recruited by Britain’s elite spy agency, these three women (a street smart Parisian, a bored and unhappy suburban housewife and mother, and an independent woman of her time who truly answered to no one) carried out acts of resistance most of us couldn’t contemplate doing today- destroying train lines, ambushing Nazis, plotting prison breaks, all so that a little known invasion that took place in June of 1944 could be carried out.


罗曼诺夫皇后:A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovnaby C.W. Gortner


I have always adored all things having to do with the history of the俄罗斯沙皇和关于沙皇皇后玛丽亚,母亲最后的沙皇尼古拉二世,小说也不例外。Gortner写了一本美丽的书,告诉玛利亚的故事与她早年刚开始的时候,她是丹麦公主,生活相对平淡而简单的生活在丹麦首都哥本哈根(仍然是世界上我最喜欢的城市之一)。这么多的人都写了尼古拉二世和他的家人(当然还有他的女儿阿纳斯塔西娅)和凯瑟琳大帝,但没有这么多关于其他的数字。这尤其让我重温美丽的城市度过了短暂而愉快的一天我圣彼得堡。